Dec 20, 2019

Rose oil, rose water and pure gold are the secret ingredients in Dony Cosmetics.

The 2016 winner of the Mrs. Grandma Universe title presented her first line of cosmetic products at a stylish boutique event attended by many celebrities, close friends and formal guests. Dony’s husband, the Mayor of Strelcha, Stoyno Chachov, kept by her side throughout the whole event.

‘I was still very young when one day I stepped into a beauty salon to pamper my face a little bit. The woman who greeted me at the door was the one who introduced me to the mystery of added ingredients in cosmetic products. She taught me how to add oils and herbs to the most ordinary creams and thus nourish my skin and keep it fresh-looking and youthful. This spring I decided it was time I made my dream come true. I wanted to share my secret with all women. This is how Dony Cosmetics was born.’ This is what Mrs. Chachova said at the official launching of her product.

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