Doni Chachova presents two new products and beauty accessories at an elegant party

Nov 25, 2020

In the heart of Sofia, the winner of the title “Mrs. Grandma Universe 2016” welcomed a connoisseur of the Bulgarian rose in the new home of Dony Cosmetics at 45B Pirinski Prohod Street.

After presenting your own cosmetic line at a stylish boutique event, respected by many native stars, add two more products to Dony Cosmetics’ Pure Gold – serum and face mask. Doni Chachova once again brought together native celebrities and connoisseurs of beauty and health. Among the first to come to greet her were the singers Kristina Dimitrova, Nelina, Tsveti Radoycheva and Krasi Avramov. Invariably next to his close friend were Iva Ekimova, Milena Sharkova, the top model Iva Atanasova, the Kurkutiadi family, the top make-up artist Bonnie, who is present in the company in the business lady Marina Valkanova.



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