Once upon a time… This is the opening line of every beautiful fairytale with a happy ending. Our personal story is just like these fairytales. A tale of beauty, strength and a dream come true. Every young girl wants to be beautiful and to keep her beauty forever. Some might say that this is impossible, but our story will take you to a world of endless possibility, a world of beauty and of being who you are at every stage of your life. With her breathtaking smile, our 23-year-old heroine is ready to take over the world – with her charming personality and her fearlessness in the face of adversity.

There is hardly any woman alive who dislikes being pampered at the beauty salon. These are our modern-day urban oases that help us escape into the magical world of beauty. A few decades ago, Dony entered one of those cosy little places. ‘Oh, my, look how beautiful you are! Your skin is glowing. Come, sit with me for a while and I will teach you how to add ingredients to your cosmetic products that will help you keep your skin young for a long, long time!’ Those were the words spoken by the woman inside the beauty salon who changed Doni’s life.. ‘Beauty will save the world!’ but we need to take good care of it to make it last longer. And this is how it all started. While performing yet another beautifying procedure, the woman shared her precious knowledge, and the only thing she wanted in return was trust, so that the results of her work would last for many years to come. And thus the wheel was put in motion.

We all know the story of the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra who cast her spell on men all over the world with her unseen beauty. Everyone, from kings to peasants, was captivated by her glowing perfect skin which charmed and disarmed all men, and even all women. Understandably, women were envious of her because they could not attain such perfection. However, as it turned out, her secret was not unattainable. The food we eat affects the way we look. Why not use the gifts of nature then to ‘feed’ our skin? And thus diving into the magical knowledge about the power of nature, Dony made her first cream using the ingredients which would benefit her skin type. These were mostly products characteristic of the Bulgarian lands. This where we live, our soil, our air, and therefore all the local resources are what is truly best for us.

The distinctive fragrance of rose oil and rose water is in high demand and much valued all over the world; the lavender and pure gold calm our senses and add freshness and brightness; mixed together in a homemade cream, they help preserve the youthful look of our skin. These are the basics of the series of creams that DONY Cosmetics is offering to the modern woman. Of course, we won’t ask you to mix ingredients at home: we will give you the secret key to real beauty in a cream jar made with a lot of love and care. There is always something to learn from everybody we meet. Thus, after being initiated into the secrets of beauty by the professional who had knowledge about the mystery of youth, Dony realised that in order to preserve the youthfulness of her glowing skin she would have to use the natural power of rose oil, rose water, pure gold, lavender, and other ingredients growing in our native lands, which would help her nourish her skin. She learned an important lesson which was that creams need to be applied often and not only to the face.

‘The face starts at the neck’, and in order to achieve perfection, we need to take care of it as well. Because the skin we have as we grow older is the skin which we start taking care of in our youth.






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